There are a lot of unique things about Anything But Alligators! from the name, to the resume of interesting animals we've cared for, but here are  things that really set us apart that we think will make you and your pet super happy!



We are business people that LOVE pets. 

A lot of pet sitters are just "pet people".  At ABA we are always striving to stay on the cutting edge of customer service and pet care. We always make sure our team is educated, certified in pet first aid and CPR, and excited to provide top notch care. We understand that our business depends on happy customers (people and pets!). We value each and every client, pet, and visit and go the extra mile every time to make sure you and your pet are thrilled with our services.

We keep you in the loop. 

In addition to your pet's journal or daily "pawgress report" you can request personal updates via e-mail, text, or phone which we provide as often as you'd like. All of our walkers have smart phones and use our mobile app to keep track of schedules and all pet and client information. This means all your pets details and medical history are always at our finger tips. Additionally each sitter uses the software to check off visits as they are completed, in real time, so we are always on top of the who, what, when, and where of everyday. 

We work until the job is done. 

As a guideline we have basic and extra long visits, but don't be surprised to find us spending extra time with your pup if he is feeling super spunky one day, or with your kitty providing some additional cuddles because she misses you. We aren't clock watchers, we stay until the job is complete and that means happy, tired animals.

Holiday visits and additional pets don't cost extra. 

We know that holidays are when you need us the most. So our services are the same price all year round. Additionally, we don't charge per dog. We think it shouldn't cost extra to have a fur sister or brother. We also do not charge extra for administering medication.

Super organized for easy scheduling and payment.

We offer billing on a monthly basis or at the beginning of your travel. Each month or prior to your departure, we send a confirmation e-mail with the details of dates, specific time frames and what sitter is scheduled for each visit.  You will always know the exact plan, whether it's a daily dog walk schedule or summer vacation. And, to make things even more worry free for our pet parents, we offer the ability to pay online or keep a credit card on file.