Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive!

What area do you service?
We service Downtown, North Asheville (up to Reynolds Mountain), West Asheville (as far west
as I-40) Kenilworth, Grove Park, Montford and East Asheville (up to Haw Creek). If you have a
question about whether or not you’re in our area feel free to contact us!

Do you watch dogs in your home?
No. We are a dog walking and pet sitting company which means we come to your home to care
for your animals. We do not have the ability to look after animals in our homes and our
insurance does not cover such services.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?
If you are a new client, usually about 2 weeks ahead of your desired start date or travel date is
enough time to schedule a consultation, get you put in our system and be ready to go. There
are certain times of year that are popular for travel, those usually fill up approximately 1 month
to 6 weeks in advance. We can take reservations as early as you’d like to make them.

How long have you been in business?
Since 2010! We have been growing slowly and steadily for almost 8 years and love providing
care for our furry community members.

Are you Insured? Bonded?
Yes we are insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

Do you meet my dogs or cats (pets) beforehand?
Yes! At our initial consultation. Becky, the owner, and one sitter will come by to learn all the
details of your pets personality and routine, as well as the ins and outs of their diet, medical
history, and favorite activities. We’ll get a little info on you too!

Do you do quick trips or just a potty break, 15 minutes or so?
We do not. We feel like 30 minutes is the minimum amount of time it takes to make sure that
your animal is well cared for. Even for the shy cats or doggies that don’t want to walk too far,
they are aware of our presence and appreciate the consistency and regularity of visits, and just
spending time.

How do I schedule services?
If you are a new client we will discuss your schedule needs over the phone on our preliminary
call. From there we schedule a Consultation and then book your services. If you are an existing
client, you simply email your schedule requests to us and we let you know within 1-2 business
days if we can do it. If you know that you will need the same schedule each week for your dog
walks, then we set up and ongoing schedule that reserves your space on our schedule until you
tell us otherwise!

How many visits a day should I schedule?
This is entirely up to you. For dog clients (even those with a dog door) 2 visits per day is the
minimum requirement. We suggest that you schedule our visits to mimic your daily routine and
timing as closely as possible. Animals (especially dogs) love a routine, so if we can mirror their
typical routine, that is comforting for them.

How do I know who will be my dog walker or pet sitter?
When you receive your schedule confirmation via email the walker/sitter that is assigned to each
visit will be indicated.

Can I request certain people or have the same person regularly?
You can, however doing so limits our ability to guarantee we can accommodate
your requested schedule. We are happy to take all necessary steps to make sure that
your pet is comfortable. So, if they are shy and do better with a particular sitter, we can
try to schedule things that way or take the extra steps necessary for them to get to know
new people. We go to great lengths to have team members that are warm, caring, and
confident so that everyone on our team can know and service every client.

Why do you want so many copies of keys? Do you keep them? Is there another way?
There are 5 of us! One master copy and 1 for each sitter. We do keep them. Each sitter
maintains a copy and is labeled by pet name (never address or last name). If this method is not
favorable then we are happy to use a hide key or a lock box. If you prefer we can provide you
with a secure lockbox for your property for an additional charge of $45.

How do I pay for your services? When do I pay?
You pay online via PayPal or a credit card when you receive your schedule confirmation
and invoice via email. For clients that are going out of town, the confirmations and invoices are
emailed approximately 1 week before your scheduled dates and we ask that you pay prior to
your departure. For regular dog walk clients schedule confirmations and invoices are emailed
for the month within the first week of the month. We ask that you pay by the 15th.

How do you communicate with me while I am out of town?
We customize our communication to match the level and method you like! We always
have a Daily Activity Log that is a written account of each visit that occurs while you are gone. In
addition to that we are happy to text or email updates as frequently or a little as you like! We
always make sure to check with you as to your preference during our consultation.

How do you communicate with me on a regular basis if you’re my dog walker?
Every regular dog walk client has a dog journal that we provide left at your home. The daily
walker notates all important activity like potty, exercise, and timing of visit, as well as anecdotal
items each day a visit occurs.

Can you come at a specific time?
We work in 2-3 hour time windows. We will always come within our specified time window and
we will always visits for the specified amount of time, even if we arrive at the end of the window.
However, due to the unpredictable nature of working with animals and the variety of areas and
clients we service, we can’t guarantee an exact time.

What if I need to cancel a visit?
We have a cancelation policy. If you need to cancel a visit and it is more than 24 hours in
advance, then please email or call us with the changes. Your account will be credited for the
canceled visits. If you need to cancel and it is less than 24 hours notice, then please call or text.
With less than 24 hour notice we are unable to refund for the cancelled visit.

What if my return home is delayed? What if I come home early from a trip?
If you need to extend care, it is usually no problem at all! We ask that you email or call,
and make sure that you speak to Becky or receive a return email. The additional visits will go on
to your schedule and your account. We can invoice you for the extra visits when your return or
add them to your next travel dates. If you return early from a trip, we follow our regular
cancellation policy and issue a credit for visits that are cancelled with 24 hour notice or more.

How do you know your walkers/ sitters are on time and/or where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there?
We use technology! Hooray! Not only are we a super close knit team, but we use software
designed for dog walkers and pet sitters. The walker checks via an app on their phone when
they arrive to your house and checks out when they complete the visit. This allows management
to keep track of the whole team at a glance making sure visits are occurring on time, during the
specified windows, and for the correct amount of time! Additionally if a walker has not checked
in by the end of the time frame for their visit to your house, management is notified immediately
via the software!

Do you administer medications? Yes! Meds are no problem.
Do you do injections? Yes, we can match you with a sitter that is comfortable with injections.
Fluids? Yes, we have one team member that is experienced in administering fluids.

My dog doesn’t usually like new people, what do you suggest?
We work closely with you to figure out a success plan for your pup. Each dog is different. We
can start slowly with only 1 person being your primary walker/ sitter. We can also schedule visits
when you are home to serve as practice visits or schedule visits that are strictly for the purpose of allowing space and time for your dog to get warmed up to us. We will generally look for what motivates your dog, whether that is food, the leash, the ball, or a special toy and use that as a starting point.