We offer a full range of services designed to cater to your pet.

All services are can be customized to meet your individual pet's needs.


Basic Dog Walk or Pet Care Visit $20

This visit is perfect for cats or dogs that enjoy a shorter, more frequent walks. Our basic visit lasts 20-30 minutes and will incorporate walking or playing and ofcourse all feeding, scooping needs.

Extra Long Pet Care Visit $30 

If you've got a high energy hound or working breed that never seems to tire, and extra long visit may be in order. This visit is designed to make sure your four legged- friend is worn out. We don't stop until they are tired! Usually this lasts 45 minutes- 1 hour, and often includes a field trip! This type of visit is also ideal for any animal that may require special attention due to anxiety, meds or grooming requests. Whatever the occasion-we will always ensure he/she behaves like an angel upon your return!

Field Trips $30

Our pet field trips are popular for dogs that do well burning calories off leash in a dog park setting or that live in a neighborhood not suited for walking. We go to a nearby park, dog park, or neighborhood with sidewalks, to provide extra fun and a more ideal setting for exercise. Lots of parents love the extra energy, excitement and socialization that comes with a field trip. It's ideal for all around (physical and mental) stimulation for your dog!

Pet Taxi  $30 per hour

Vet or grooming appointments that don't exactly fit your schedule? Daycare closes too early to get there? You name it and we'll take your companion wherever they need to go!